Effective January 1, 2020, the California law known as the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) allows, with some exceptions, California residents to request that a business that collects consumers’ personal information to give consumers access to the specific pieces and categories of personal information that the business has collected about the consumer, the categories of sources for that information, the business or commercial purposes for collecting the information, and the categories of third parties with which the information was shared. California residents also have the right to submit a request for deletion of information under certain circumstances. Consistent with the CCPA, if you choose to exercise your rights, we won’t charge you different prices or provide different quality of services unless those differences are related to your information. Notice to Business-to-Business Consumers: Many of the obligations imposed by the CCPA currently do not apply to personal information reflecting communications or transactions between the business (Tireco, Inc.) and a California resident where the resident is acting on behalf of another business, e.g., a business-to-business transaction. If your personal information is being processed within this context, your rights under the CCPA are limited.


The following are your rights under California law:

  • To request that the business disclose what personal information (about you) it collects, uses, discloses, and sells.
  • To request deletion of your personal information collected or maintained by the business. This right is limited, and we may not always honor your request, particularly when it is necessary to maintain your information for legal purposes or to complete the business we have with you.
  • To opt-out of the sale of your personal information by the business. A “sale” occurs when your personal information is exchanged with a, non-service provider, third party in exchange for valuable consideration. It is not a sale when you intentionally authorize us to disclose your personal information or interact with a third party.

We do not sell your personal information.

  • To not receive discriminatory treatment by the business for exercising any of the privacy rights conferred under the CCPA.


A we explained in more detail in the “Information Tireco, Inc. Collects” and the “How Tireco, Inc. Uses Your Personal Information” sections, above, we process the personal information about you in various ways for our business purposes. In addition, we share:

  • Customer Data with our various service providers, including our cloud storage providers, analytics providers, shipping providers, marketing services providers, payment processing service providers, billing and accounting service providers, product manufacturers and suppliers, sales agents, and tax and legal service providers.
  • Finance Data with credit reporting agencies, credit ratings companies, businesses and/or individuals whom you may list as a reference, and cloud storage providers. • Technical Data with our cloud storage providers and analytics providers.
  • Other Information is shared with various service provider depending on the nature of the information collected and the context in which it was collected.


How to make a disclosure request

You may request these disclosures by clicking here to download a copy of your data. You have the right to make a free request two times in any 12-month period. We will make the disclosure within 45 days of receiving your request, unless we request an extension. In the event that we reasonably need a 45-day extension, we will notify you of the extension within the initial 45-day period.

Right of Deletion

You have the right to request that we delete your personal information, subject to certain exceptions. After we receive and validate your request, we will delete your personal information, as well as direct our service providers to delete your personal information, unless an exception applies. Click here to delete your data. The CCPA permits using a designate an authorized agent to make a request on a consumer’s behalf. You may designate an agent by filling the agent-designation form here. Both the designated agent and the consumer are subject to verification before accepting a consumer rights request. All consumer rights requests are subject to verification by us. We verify requests by matching the information provided by the consumer to the personal information of the consumer already maintained by the business. In some instances, we may use your contact information to contact you in order to verify your identity.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on December 31, 2019